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Industry Trends That Organized Living Is Paying Attention To

As the industry-leader in home storage and organization, we strive to provide our partners with the most up-to-date trends in the industry. Here are 5 industry trends we think are worth keeping an eye on.  

Healthy Homes 

Select Walk-in Pantry in White with dry ingredients, canned goods, and keurig.

The idea of a healthy home has gained momentum in recent years as homebuyers’ priorities have shifted. Consumers are focused on better quality and sustainable products that are built to last. By partnering with Organized Living, we are committed to improving climate protection and moving the industry forward more sustainably with our high-quality products and industry-leading partnerships.

Mental Wellness 

freedomRail Garage with cubbies, baskets, shelves, and yard tool storage.

Homes provide us with stability and a sense of well-being. According to America at Home Study, having better storage options was ranked number 4 as a feature homebuyers would be willing to pay more for. Differentiate the homes you build by offering ample storage throughout the entire home to support stress reduction and overall mental wellness for your buyers.

Aging in Place 

freedomRail 3 Closets Collage with infant, child, and adult clothing  with closet set up in different variations.

Homebuyers are demanding storage systems that will accommodate their changing needs and lifestyle. In fact, 66% of homeowners fifty-five years and older plan to age in place, according to a study conducted by Freddie Mac. With our freedomRail adjustable storage system, you can provide these homebuyers with the adaptability they need down the road.

Flex Space 

freedomRail Dual Desk Office in White with standing desk, standard desk, and office supply storage.

Forbes claims flex spaces are highly considered when designing a room to future-proof the area. With space being a premium in homes, buyers are looking for ways to maximize what they have and evolve the space to fit their needs. Satisfy your homebuyer’s demands by including ample storage and organization solutions to accommodate a multifunctional design.

Owner's Retreat 

Primary Bedroom with Classica Closet with textured divider wall, dark toned bedding, and white granite peak into bathroom.

The idea of having everything you need in the primary bedroom is rising. Homebuyers are seeking all the key necessities in one place, including a large walk-in closet, laundry, bathroom, sitting area, and more. With people spending ample amounts of time at home, it's vital to have a space where decompressing and relaxing are a top priority for homebuyers. 

By incorporating these trends into the homes you build, you are guaranteed to have happy homebuyers! To learn more about the products and programs Organized Living has in place to make storage and organization easy for Builders, visit