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2023 Closet and Storage Trends: Give Residents What They Want!

Residents' priorities have shifted regarding their next living space, especially in storage and organization. With Organized Living recognized as the Leading Provider of Home Storage & Organization Systems during the 2022 BUILD Architecture Awards, nobody else knows closets and storage trends better. Save your residents significant time and money by giving them the storage and organization they want before move-in!

Modernized Storage. 

Chowa House Classica Walk-in Closet with two-toned cabinets and décor.

Residents are gravitating towards this concept of minimalism, especially in their homes post-COVID. Having spent more time at home, their “stuff” has gotten out of hand, and they are heading toward a more minimalistic approach. Be their go-to resource by giving them storage options to minimize clutter and maximize space.

Multifunctional Designs.

Classica Walk-in Closet in White with get ready spot and women's clothes.

With space being a premium in multifamily living, renters are looking for ways to maximize what they have and evolve the space to fit their needs. According to NAHB, 73% of residents are more interested in larger living spaces to accommodate flexibility and multiple purposes. Utilizing the space in walk-in closets for multipurpose functions is rising. Offer options to renters that make the entire closet a “getting ready space” by incorporating space for a vanity setup.

The freedom of Customization.

3 freedomRail Closets in White with infant, children, and adult clothing.

Providing residents with adjustable storage can help set you apart. freedomRail® combines endless adjustability and exceptional strength to guarantee a lifetime of use. Residents are demanding storage systems that will accommodate their changing needs. freedomRail gives residents the adaptability that they expect and offers our multifamily partners opportunities to grow profits.

Open Closet.

freedomRail Reach-in Closet in Driftwood Live with boys clothing and books.

Multifamily Executive found that residents are willing to pay $48.46 extra per month for larger walk-in closets. Although larger spaces may not be available for specific buildings and units, the idea of open closets could be just what you need. Utilize an alcove or nook and make it “open” without any doors. The out-of-sight, out-of-mind concept is all fun and games until piles of laundry, and other miscellaneous items take over the closet floor. Open closets can help keep things organized and tidy. This is a great alternative for your buildings if larger spaces aren't available.

Natural Influences.

Select Walk-in Closet in Chocolate Pear with men and women clothing.

Residents crave the outdoors, especially after being inside for so long. Nature-inspired, eco-friendly storage and organization designs are in. Pairing plants, wood shelves, and wicker bins with white and modern colors to bring natural tones into spaces will set you apart. 

Residents are happy when they have someplace to put their stuff. By incorporating these trends into the spaces you build, you are guaranteed to have happy renters! To learn more about the products and programs Organized Living has in place to make storage and organization easy for you, visit