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Amenities That Matter

With apartment rates rising, residents are looking for additional amenities to appease their monthly price tag. In recent years, unheard-of amenities have gained popularity and are now becoming the new norm.

Make sure you don't miss out on adding these features to your next project to attract and retain new residents!

  1. Bike storage
  2. Packing areas
  3. Bulk item areas
  4. Co-working spaces
  5. Pet cleaning station

Bike Storage

Activity Organizer Bike Kit 2 with 2 bikes and 2 helmets.

Bike Hook

Activity Organizer Bike kit 5 close up of 2 helmets.

Bike Rack with Basket

With the decrease in people using public transportation and the increase of people wanting to be outdoors during the pandemic, more people have bikes than ever. Once viewed as a luxury, bike rooms have become a hot amenity! Residents need somewhere secure and easily accessible to store their new bikes without crowding their apartments, and they're willing to pay a premium for it. 

Many key elements exist when considering adding a bike room to your next project. Easy to install and save space, wall-mounted bike racks have become the most popular indoor bike storage. In addition, bike lockers allow residents to store everything they need to enjoy their next ride safely.

Packing Areas

Select White Laundry Room with packages and cleaning wipes.

Residents want to feel confident knowing their packages make it safe and secure. A quick fix to this is utilizing unused space near building entrances. Add a video security system, intercom system, and shelves for a successful package area. Our full breadth of product lines can fit the space and size your project may need.

Bulk Item Areas

freedomRail Snowdrift Live Pantry with baskets and food.

Influenced heavily by the pandemic, making fewer trips to the store to stock up on household essentials is now becoming the norm. Entry closets for hanging coats are now being repurposed to store these areas to store bulk items. freedomRail® is the only truly adjustable storage system that allows residents to make storage fit their needs.

Shared Office Space

freedomRail White Dual Desk Office with desktop on one side and notebook on other side.

As newer residents transition from college students to full-time employees, remote or hybrid work has become common. This new norm has many residents looking at their living spaces differently and seeking multifunctional rooms. Consider adding chairs, tables, and desks to your common areas.

Pet Cleaning Station

freedomRail Snowdrift Pet Mudroom with dog bed and leash.

Residents are taking their pet's health just as seriously as their own! Projects must go above exorbitant pet fees and small pet-relief areas to be considered pet-friendly in today's rental market. Not-to-mention, pet-friendly projects retain residents longer. The 2021 Pet-Inclusive Housing Report states that residents in pet-friendly housing stay 21% longer than non-pet-friendly residents.

Set your next project apart by showing support to these fury family members by adding a pet cleaning station to your next project! The convenience of having a place to groom their pets is something residents value when looking for a new apartment.

Upgrade your storage and organization solutions to satisfy your residents' demands. To learn more about how Organized Living and our product line can satisfy your residents and grow your profits, contact Kyle Wilkins, Director of Multifamily, at 513-277-3714 or [email protected].